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Hello. You already know my name.

Currently I'm Google's Lead Web AI Developer Relations Engineer, bringing Artificial Intelligence to the browser in JavaScript. I also act as a Web Engineer / Creative Technologist at Google, where I have worked for >13 years now, with over 20 years engineering / prototyping experience creating world firsts for global brands and research teams. I aim to inspire, innovate, and simplify processes in all areas I work on. Based in San Francisco

I currently specialize in and lead Web AI at Google, mixing artificial intelligence with the web ecosystem on both front and backend. My work can often be used with the click of a link, in real time, is privacy preserving, and can lower costs of cloud usage.

My goal is to empower all creative minds to leverage AI in JavaScript within the web ecosystem. 70% of professional developers choose to use JS, beyond academia - in the real world in production.

I founded the term Web AI in ~2022 to centralize the growing number of teams and external companies I collaborated with or led to create a community of engineers and creatives who think alike. We've now crossed >600M yearly downloads of Web AI libraries and models here at Google, for which I was a key driving factor.

My background is based in Computer Science. I discovered that I fit into a rare breed of what I call “Creative Engineers”. I equally enjoy being creative, innovative, and technical - going beyond just research. I use new tech in an applied fashion that inspires others to take action, improves an internal company process to make it more efficient, or to produce a world first that makes people wonder how it was even possible with today's tech.

To me, it does not make sense to have a beautifully designed, efficient, modular back end, if it is not complemented with a front end that had just as much thought go in to it. Usability / user experience is just as important.

I am known for:

Key skillsets: Strategic Technology Planning · JavaScript · Software Development · IT Strategy · Technology Leadership · Product Leadership · Product Management · Full-Stack Development · Strategic Vision · Knowledge Sharing · HTML 5 · Programming · Emerging Technologies · Machine Learning · Leadership · Creative Ideation · Communication · Customer-Focused Service · Prototyping · Cross-functional Team Leadership · Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google - My previous job

Senior Creative Technologist / Engineer.

Prior to my current role I worked at Google in a team known as the ZOO as a Creative Technologist / Web Engineer / Research Engineer.

TLDR: I got to play with the hottest tech / APIs in the industry from both Google and third parties to create jaw dropping digital experiences that inspire both the general public and top tier brands globally.

The ZOO was a creative think tank tasked with using the latest Google technologies to create technical world firsts for our largest brands. It is my role to know something about everything going on in the tech world and then innovate in this space. I rapidly prototype new technical ideas to prove a concept's feasibility. It could be anything - from the physical (eg smart mirrors and drones) to pure software implementations (eg machine learning), or a hybrid of the two. Whatever is best suited for the task. We work with the world's leading creative agencies to then scale those prototypes out and captivate the world.

As part of a team of Creative Technologists, I generated a forward thinking tech-based vision for the ZOO. I was regularly called on to deploy creative and technical skills on huge projects for top advertisers. It was great to have the opportunity to dream big and develop cutting-edge creative technology concepts that redefined interactive storytelling.

Key responsibilities:

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Previous jobs

Yes, I was a busy guy...


Along with founding my own company, I also worked as a Senior Web Development Engineer at a global semiconductor company - XMOS, looking after their online developments, implementations, and digital strategy. During my time there I helped to build the companies’ successful online presence from that of a small startup to the global web preseence it has today. From 3D modelling products in Autodesk Maya and multimedia production to backend programming, I wore many hats to ensure they had a strong professional digital presence. I also acted as a technical evangelist for XMOS within robotics and education communities worldwide and created xcore.com - the largest global community of professional SDS embedded developers attracting individuals from many areas including: freelancers, hobbyists, corporate hardware/software developers and academics.

Since joining XMOS, I set to work on optimising XMOS's digital presence globally. The result of this is that XMOS is now utilising the world leading Akamai CDN network to deliver its digital assets, which improved website performance by around 249%. I also utilised a number of digital marketing techniques which improved XMOS.com's daily visitors by over 300%.

Having worked with world leading companies such as Akamai in my quest for optimal solutions, I have even been featured in a Computer World article related to "how to improve your website's uptime".


I was also Director and Co-Founder of Pure42 - combining my passion for creativity with my more technical Computer Science background to produce bespoke, usable, and well implemented digital solutions in a number of areas.

We only considered working with companies / individuals who were as passionate about their own company as we were about what we did.

Pure42 offerred a number of services including (but not limited to):

We had consultants in both Bristol and London and great contacts at world leading companies to ensure we could find the optimal solution. Purely creative, purely technical, we were Pure42 - a rare collection of what we liked to call "hybrid developers" and minds who produced something elegant and special every time. Being a hybrid developer I was actively involved in both creative ventures and the underlying technical implementations too.


I also specialise in HDR photography and photo manipulation (love Adobe Creative Suite) to capture the beauty of the world around me as I see it. I hope by browsing through my photos you will catch a glimpse in to my world - that tree on the side of the road has so much more beauty to it than most people ever notice - I like to try and reveal that. I also use traditional methods where appropriate, where HDR would not be suitable. My tools of the trade at present are a Canon 500D, with a 17-85mm lens, and myself. Indeed, no tripod or other such accessories are used. I have even founded a page on Google+ for HDR photographers - view to get inspired - over 60,000 members and growing! I am also delighted to say a few people have requested to use my work in books, calendars, apps, and websites.

See me in action

Web apps of the future with Web AI: On-device machine learning models and tools for your next project

Skillsets and interests

Specialties include (but not limited to): Web AI, Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript, ODML, On Device Machine Learning, Visual Blocks, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Vector Similarity, MySQL, SQL, Google APIs, XML, AJAX, JSONP, JSON, Google APIs, Windows, Linux, Apache, software, web design, LAMP, troubleshooting, remote assistance, technical consultancy, hardware, networking, data mining, page scraping, GPS programming, scalable bespoke systems, CDN, multimedia, graphics, user experience, usability, scaling, cloud systems, innovation, and rapid prototyping mvps.

Key areas include: AI Web Engineering, Web development, Web applications, Web Design, Leadership, Public Speaking, Career Development Coaching, Technical Writing, Cloud Application Development, Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Graphic Design, Software Design, Creative Innovation, Usability and User Experience.

My other interests are:Wing walking, Flight / space, digital art, HDR photography, new and emerging tech.

What have I made?

Please see my LinkedIn for most up to date information, or check out my YouTube channel, as I do not have time to maintin this personal site very often. However a few highlights can be found below:

doesVideoContain() - what if your videos could watch themselves?

"Jason is a pleasure to work with. He combines an obvious natural talent for design with intelligence, creativity, attention to detail and professionalism. He comes highly recommended by me" Jonathan May, Director at HubBub.net, who worked directly with Jason at XMOS + Pure42.

MediaPipe Web LLM Gemma 2.5B model running entirely in Chrome on device

"Jason is awesome. I have paid good money for multiple online web development mentors and Jason's free helpout was MUCH more enlightening than any lesson I've had to date. He took the time to explain concepts and helped debug code in a way that enforced learning. His career advice, tips on how and what to study, and the order in which to study was also very helpful. Very glad I sought him out. HIGHLY recommended!" Andrew Lampart, Google Helpouts.

Real time teleportation in JavaScript using TensorFlow.js

"Jason has a very strategic attitude to the application of technology and his life/career in general, which is a very rare and valuable quality in business. He is outstanding as a mentor and provided us with incredible amount of valuable advice in a short space of time. It is a pleasure to work with someone like him." Diana Tkhamadokova, Director at I Style Myself.

Real-time Clothing size body measurement estimator using TensorFlow.js

"Jason definitely knows a few things about web development and it was great interacting with him, he left me inspired to work on a project of mine I have been wanting to start" Elijah Lynn, Senior Software Engineer at NBC Universal.

TensorFlow JS edX Course Teaser - Web ML for all

"Jason brought to XMOS a unique blend of artistic creativity, technical knowledge, and vision for digital strategy. Since joining XMOS, he has set to work on optimising XMOS's digital presence globally. He also utilised a number of digital marketing / advertising techniques to drive traffic to XMOS.com, helping to improve visitor numbers by over 300%. As a part of this role, he also influenced our distictive corporate branding, which allows us to stand out in what is usually a sea of blue logos." Mark Lippett, COO at XMOS Semiconductor Ltd.

Snack Scanner (made in 2017)

"Jason was an excellent student and has been an excellent ambassador for both the department and the university" Nigel Smart, senior professor and head of Computer Science at University of Bristol.

Humble beginnings of Google Cloud Auto ML Vision (From 2016)

Creative Engineering: The Future of Tech - Google AI Impact Challenge

You can read more over on my LinkedIn account.