Hello. You already know my name.

Currently I am a Custom Solutions Engineer at Google. I define myself as a Hybrid Web Developer, Programmer, Technical Consultant and Analyst, with a creative twist. Currently based in Bristol and London in the UK. Hire Me.


My background is based in Computer Science. It was here I discovered I fitted in to a rare breed of what I like to call "hybrid developers" who equally enjoy being both creative and technical all at the same time.

To me, it did not make sense to have a beautifully designed, efficient, modular back end, if it was not complemented with a front end that had just as much thought go in to it. Usability is just as important - otherwise it will only ever be used by the person who created it. Both components should be elegant and complement each other.

I soon discovered web / mobile technologies allowed me to combine both sides of my personality. My final year MEng thesis was in "Reality mining using mobile devices and pseudonymous social networks" where I thoroughly enjoyed combining my creativity with my technical knowledge.

Skillsets and interests

Specialties include (but not limited to): PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JSONP, jQuery, CSS, Java, JSP, App Engine, Google APIs, Action Script 2 and 3, Adobe Flash, Drupal, scalable bespoke systems, content delivery networks, data mining / page scraping, social networks, mobile devices, GPS programming, Windows Mobile, Facebook API, multimedia, 3D modelling in Maya, photography, user experience, technical research, troubleshooting, remote assistance and technical consultancy.

Key areas include Web development, Web applications, Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Design, Social Media, Creative, Usability and User Experience, Advertising, Digital Marketing.

My other interests are music, movies, travelling, meeting new people, digital art, SLR photography, HDR photography, gadgets, random facts, flying, space, and hot air ballooning.

My Augmented Reality CV

I am proud to present to you my augmented reality CV (for optimal experience you will need to print off a special logo and have a webcam) - I was selected by a panel of great people including David Clarke - Chief Executive of the BCS to turn my background and history in to something that is cutting edge - at the point in time I was chosen for this only a handfull of people around the world had an Augmented Reality CV. Note: This was created a few years ago now, so for my latest achievements do look at this website instead, but I just had to share this as it is too cool not to mention.

Green Screen Filming my Augmented Reality CV in London

I worked with LexisPR over in London to produce a storyboard and was also filmed in front of a green screen, allowing the 3D animators to composite me on to any background they desired. Some Flash gurus then combined this with some clever programming to allow the application to recognize a "trigger image" via a webcam. Thus I can now appear to pop out of a business card in your very hand. A big thank you to CWJobs who sponsored this project.

What are people saying about me?

I have had the pleasure of working with some great people - many have even gone as far to leave feedback about their experiences when working with me. Below are some snippets of what I have received:

"Jason provided me with a great first website for my business. I've already received a lot of positive feedback and Jason has been really creative and professional in all aspects - from the design to the marketing and business side. I would definitely use him again and recommend him for anything Web related." Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative" by Sabrina who hired Jason as a Graphic / Web Designer.

"Jason designed and developed an amazing website for Fortis Resourcing (recruitment agency specialising in financial services). We found him to be very competent in all IT related matters, he was also very diligent in ensuring the website was ready for our launch day. Fortis would have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential clients." Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert by Martha who hired Jason as a Web Developer / Graphic designer.

"Jason volunteered to help students from City of Bristol College gain first hand experience of running a business at one of our Plunge events. Jason's vitality and creativity coupled to his youth was a great hit with the students while his obvious expertise cemented his credibility amongst the other 50 expert volunteers. A great guy to have around." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative by James who hired Jason as a Mentor to young people.

"Jason is energetic, proactive and knowledgeable. Undeniably passionate about his work, Jason communicates well using social media for marketing purposes as well as for assisting the XMOS community with technical matters. He is a huge asset, happy to wear several hats at once." by Holly who worked directly with Jason at XMOS.

"Jason is a pleasure to work with. He combines an obvious natural talent for design with intelligence, creativity, attention to detail and professionalism. He comes highly recommended by me" by Jonathan who worked directly with Jason at XMOS.

"Jason provided a great and reliable service for us theming the new UBU website. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him or using him again." Top qualities: Great Results, On Time by Ben who hired Jason as an IT Consultant.

"Well structured, calm, and most importantly, very creative" by Ryota who worked with Jason at XMOS.

"I found Jason to be extremely competent in solving any ICT related problems in my school user area. He was polite, helpful, patient and effective at solving queries. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential employer or client." by Dave who worked directly with Jason as a Network Administrator.

"Jason was an excellent student and has been an excellent ambassador for both the department and the university" by Nigel Smart, senior professor and head of Computer Science at University of Bristol.

DSLR Photography + Digital Art See more on Flickr Follow me on Flickr

HDR Boat - See more of my work on my social links HDR Globe - See more of my work on my social links HDR SkyScraper London - See more of my work on my social links HDR Magical Dream - Follow me on Flickr to see more

I also specialise in HDR photography and photo manipulation (love Adobe Creative Suite) to capture the beauty of the world around me as I see it. I hope by browsing through my photos you will catch a glimpse in to my world - that tree on the side of the road has so much more beauty to it than most people ever notice - I like to try and reveal that. I also use traditional methods where appropriate, where HDR would not be suitable. My tools of the trade at present are a Canon 500D, with a 17-85mm lens, and myself. Indeed, no tripod or other such accessories are used. I have even founded a page on Google+ for HDR photographers - view to get inspired - over 40,000 members and growing! I am also delighted to say a few people have requested to use my work:


A leading online fashion trend forecasting / analysis service, renowned for their quality and accuracy have requested to use some of my HDR landscapes in their fashion colour palettes and for an iPad app.

The University of Bristol

Selected one of my photos to be featured in their 2011 calendar.

View More...

Check out my 2010 photography showreel - turn your volume up to 11, hit the play button below, and prepare yourself for an audio-visual treat:

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Google - my current job

Google Logo

Innovation Services Custom Solutions Engineer / Technical Account Manager (EMEA)

Currently I work for Google helping to develop technical solutions for clients in the EMEA region. I am part of a team known as Innovation Services who provide solutions that have never been made / standardized before for the leading large brand advertisers in EMEA (e.g. HP, Canal+, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Unilever, Renault etc) to the leading web properties (e.g. YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, RCS, etc.)

Media and Platforms Solutions (MPS) is enabling Google's next $10 billion dollar business - display advertising. We partner with the world's largest marketers, publishers, and agencies to grow their businesses through cutting edge technologies and marketing strategies. Our team consists of sharp, analytical minds and enjoys solving complex strategic, operational, and technical challenges for the world's largest publishers and advertisers. As a member of the Innovation Services team, I help to push the boundaries of the online display industry.

Books and Articles

.Net Magazine - Featured as a leading designer in the world's best selling magazine for web designers / developers

I was honoured to be selected as one of three people printed in the first .Net Magazine "build off" of 2012. For this I had to design a ficticious shopping comparison site to create a unique, exciting and engaging experience.

You can see the outcome by enlarging / downloading the images below:

.Net Magazine Cover January 2012 My entry for the January .Net Magazine Build Off

Packt Publishing - Technical Editor

PHP For Social Networking Book Cover

Packt publishing asked me to be a technical editor / reviewer for the book entitled "PHP for social networking". After many months of reviewing and editing I am pleased to say this has now been published! You can get a sneak preview and learn more at:

Packt Publishing Logo

Packt Publishing Website


Via Amazon Bookstore

My Company - Pure42 - web / digital services for select lucky people

I was also Director and Co-Founder of Pure42 - my own company combining my passion for creativity with my more technical Computer Science background to produce bespoke, usable, and well implemented digital solutions in a number of areas.

Yes, you did read the title right, we are selective as to who we work with. We will only consider working with you if you are as passionate about your own company as we are about what we do.

Pure42 offers a number of services including (but not limited to):

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Web development / design
  • Web applications
  • Graphic Design / Creative
  • Social Media
  • CDN integrations
  • SEO
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Digital Marketing / Advertising

We have consultants in both Bristol and London and great contacts at world leading companies to ensure we can find the optimal solution.

Purely creative, purely technical, we are Pure42 - a rare collection of what I like to call "hybrid developers" and minds who produce something elegant and special every time.

We are friendly too - so feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss an idea.

Some of my recent work is shown below. Being a hybrid developer I am actively involved in both creative ventures and the underlying technical implementations.

Sabrina Lily Website Design Annexable Logo Design Fortis Resourcing Website Design

XMOS Ltd - my previous job - yes I was a busy guy

Along with founding my own company, I also worked as a Senior Web Development Engineer at a global semiconductor company - XMOS, looking after their online developments, implementations, and digital strategy. During my time there I have helped to build the companies’ successful online presence as it stands today. I also acted as a technical evangelist for XMOS within robotics and education communities worldwide and created xcore.com - the largest global community of professional SDS embedded developers.

I have also worked with world leading companies such as Akamai in my quest for optimal solutions, and have been featured in a Computer World article related to "how to improve your website's uptime".

XMOS.com website design Computer World Akamai Logos XCore.com website design